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County & Court Programs

THE County and community agencies offer a number of education and treatment programs for persons who are mandated by the court to attend them. These programs include drug-deferred judgment for persons convicted of minor first-time drug offenses, drinking driver programs, Drug Court, Proposition 36, and Jail Transition Counselor services.

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Deferred Judgment Drug Program
Formerly known as "Drug Diversion," this program provides an opportunity for first-time offenders to avoid incarceration and criminal conviction by participating in education and counseling as a condition of probation. Offender's are monitored for attendance, compliance, and progress. Should the offender continue to violate the law or fail to complete the program, the court will consider more appropriate sentencing. Call (831)454-4110 for information.

Drinking Driver Program
This program offers information about various DUI programs and refers offenders to one of the county contracted providers. For information, call (831)454-4110.

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Referral resource information on this website is provided as a courtesy to the public and does not imply endorsement of the providers or services by the County or the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission. Full Disclaimer...

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